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Diagnosing Packet Loss

Where to start

Firstly, connect a PC or laptop to your router via Ethernet cable to eliminate WiFi issues.

Next, open at least two command prompts by searching for CMD in the start menu.

Ping a different website in each prompt e.g. “Ping –t” in one, and “Ping” in another.

Please note; not all websites will respond to pings and some will drop packets to limit continuous requests.


What to do with the results

Compare the results of the two windows. If you have a network or connection issue, then the responses in each of the command responses will increase or dropout at the same time.

If you do notice a dropout, that means that there is an issue with either your computer, your wiring, your router, or your connection. To rule out your computer and your cables, we can now perform the same test via your ASUS router.


Isolating the issue

Open your web browser and type in in the address bar. This will bring you to the login screen for your router interface. The username and password are both set to ‘admin’ by default (if you’ve changed this, then please enter your personal details).

Navigate to ‘Network Tools’ at the bottom of the Advanced Settings toolbar.

Select one of the websites from the dropdown list beneath Target, and click ‘Diagnose’.

If the results are clear (0% packet loss), then it would appear that the fault lies with either your computer, or your Ethernet cable. By replacing these, your issue should resolve.

Anything else?

If you do notice any irregularities in the results of the ping test, please give our technical support team a call on 03300 24 17 77.

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