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Moving Home

moving home all you need to know

We know that moving home can be stressful. We’ve made it as easy as possible to transfer our service to your new address when the time comes.

Just let our customer service team know that you’ll be changing your address as soon as you can and we’ll take care of everything else. Get in touch.

Some things to double-check when it's time to move:

Available broadband quality and speed varies dramatically from home to home.

It's really important to check what you'll be able to get at your new address before signing any rental or sale agreements!

The conditions

A one-off charge of £29.99 will be required. It's important to understand that you'll begin a new minimum term once you've moved.

We'll also need to check if there's a working line at the new property. If a new line does have to be fitted, this would be included within the above £29.99 charge.

There's more information about new line installs here.

Will my current hub be compatible at my new address?

In nearly all cases, yes!

If you have a DSL-N16 hub, then it will be compatible with any of our services at your new address. If you have a DSL-N14 hub then this will only be compatible with regular broadband (also known as ADSL). The N14 won't be compatible with Origin Fibre and you'll need to switch to the DSL-N16 instead. We'll exchange this for you at no extra cost when you move.

If you have one of our premium hubs (such as the AC55, AC56, AC68 or AC88 then you'll be fine on any of our services when you move home.

Please make sure that the person helping you knows what hub you currently have. The model number will be shown on the box - or on a label at the base of your hub.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

While we’ve tried to cover the most important stuff, if you’d like to suggest a topic we’ll be happy to add it to the help and support page. In the meantime, our live chat team are always ready to help!