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Port Forwarding

Accessing your settings page

Open your web browser and type in in the address bar. This will bring you to the login screen for your router interface. The username and password are both set to ‘admin’ by default (if you’ve changed this, then please enter your specified details).

Enabling your services

Select ‘WAN’ from the Advanced Settings menu on the left-hand side.

Change the ‘Enable Port Forwarding’ option to ‘Yes’

Check under ‘Famous Server List’ and ‘Famous Game’ list to see if the router has pre-configured settings for the ports.

If you can find the server/game you’re looking for just select the ‘Local IP’ device using the dropdown menu, then select ‘Apply’.

If you can’t find the server/game, enter a name for the service under ‘Service Name’

Enter the ‘Source IP’ if required, otherwise, leave blank

Services - setup

The final steps

  1. Enter ‘Port Range’
  2. Select the ‘Local IP’ device, using the dropdown menu
  3. Enter the ‘Local Port’ to map to, if different from ‘Port Range’
  4. Change ‘Protocol’ to the relevant setting
  5. Click ‘Add’ then ‘Apply’

Keep in mind

In order to use port forwarding services, you will need to have a static IP address added to your account.

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