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Resetting your Router

How does it help?

Resetting your router to it's factory settings can help with a variety of issues. We recommend this as a last resort as it will restore everything on the router to the defaults, including your own personal settings.


How is it done?

To do this, carefully use a pin or paperclip to hold the 'reset' button (the small hole on the side of the router) for 30 seconds, or until the power light goes out.

It can take up to two minutes for the lights to come back on after holding down the reset button. Once you can see a solid 'DSL' light, please attempt to log back on to the router.

When this is complete, please follow the setup guide here and return to this page once you have finished. The reset process should now be done.

Set up

Still having trouble?

If you are still experiencing issues, please download and follow the relevant setup guide from the options below and run through a manual setup of your router. Alternatively, you can give our tech team a call on 03300 24 17 77 who will walk you through this process and further measures should they be required.

You can download the ADSL Setup Guide here or VDSL (Fibre) Setup Guide here.

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