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Initial Order Payment

Payment is taken at the point of order, rather than upon the activation of your service. This first payment covers your first full month of service.

Our Pricing Guide

A comprehensive view of Origin's pricing structure and charges that you may incur during your time with Origin.

Supporting Vulnerable Customers

At Origin we are committed to protecting the interests of our vulnerable customers and, where required , putting measures and adjustments in place to support our customers.

Changes to Origin Prices 2021

Find out how this years annual Consumer Price Index may affect you. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is a measure of whether the cost of goods and services is going up or down based on average price changes from across several industries.

Paying your bills with us

The best way to pay your bill is to set up a regular Direct Debit. Payments are automatically taken from your account each month, so it’s convenient and secure. Our best deals will usually be 'direct debit exclusives' too.

Billing Dates

We take direct debit payments on the first working day of every month. This cannot be changed for individual accounts

Discounted Broadband

All of our broadband packages come with discounted premiums for a certain period, be that six or twelve months.

Call Charges

You can access a log of all of your call on your monthly bill. This can be accessed in your customer portal.

Outstanding Balance

Let's help you understand how you get an outstanding balance and suggest the quickest ways to resolve your account.

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