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Hubs & other devices

Hub Delivery

All of our hubs are sent out free of charge (we don't charge for postage). We aim to send out your hub at least two days before you go live. But, due to shipping delays and other variables, these can sometimes take slightly longer.

ASUS N14/N16

The ASUS DSL-N16 and DSL-N14 are our reliable standard devices that are capable of supporting a variety of wireless and wired connections at once.

Upgrade Option: ASUS DSL-AC55

The ASUS DSL-AC55 is a great step up from the 'wireless N' hub that comes for free with our service and supports the newer (and faster) 'AC' wireless standard.

Upgrade option: ASUS DSL-AC68U

The ASUS DSL-AC68U is the most powerful all-in-one hub that we offer. Perfect for a large number of users across or larger homes.

Resetting your Router

Resetting your router to factory settings can help with a variety of issues. We recommend this as a last resort, as it will restore everything on the router to the default settings.

Setting Up Your Router

Your router should come pre-configured, however, if you do need to perform a setup of your router, just follow the guide below to get online.

Router Control Panel

Your router’s control panel allows you to change and check any settings related to your router. To access it, please follow the steps below.

Changing Your WiFi Password

Want to change your WiFi password to something more memorable? Not to worry, just follow these simple steps to change your WiFi password.

Checking Your Connection Speed

With help from the following guide, you can perform the most accurate test of your connection directly from your hub.

Changing Your Wireless Channel

If you're having some WiFi issues, changing your wireless channel is one of the first steps we'll recommend.

Checking Your Network Utilisation

By monitoring your network utilisation through data rates, you can see whether your network is idle, normal or busy. Follow our guide to see how it's done.

Parental Controls

Want to have more control over when your rugrats can use the internet? Just follow our guide to find out how.

Port Forwarding

Select ‘WAN’ from the Advanced Settings menu on the left-hand side. Change the ‘Enable Port Forwarding’ option to ‘Yes’.

Setting Up A Guest Network

If you want to provide guests with access to WiFi while keeping your own network secure, setting up a guest network is best way to go.

Setting Up Your WiFi Network

Wi-Fi basics. We hope that this guide will help you to set up or change your Wi-Fi username and password.

Wi-Fi demand in your home.

Homes across the UK are growing to need more from their hub/router. A few years ago, most people may have only connected five (or fewer) things to their hub. Today it's easy to have 20 or more devices connected at once!

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While we’ve tried to cover the most important stuff, if you’d like to suggest a topic we’ll be happy to add it to the help and support page. In the meantime, our live chat team are always ready to help!