This document was created to explain the terms, conditions and principles that we follow as we serve our customers. We’ve tried to make our terms of service as easy to understand as possible.

Here, we will explain the rules that we work by. This document is supported by other statements and codes of practice that are referred to and linked to in the below sections.

By joining Origin as a customer, you agree to follow these terms and conditions during the whole time that you have a service with us – and beyond. There are also certain principles around how we need to handle data that you would need to agree to before taking a service with us.

Our people work hard to ensure that we stick to the following terms at all times. If you’d like any other information that is not covered below, feel free to visit our help and support page

You can also get in touch here or call us on 01302 235 060. Alternatively, you can click here to speak to our live chat team.

Services - What You Get from Us

We provide both Internet and land line phone services to our customers based on the plan you’ve selected.

We do our best to maintain a continuous, high quality service.

We believe that the best possible service comes from how we connect our own network to those of our partners; this is why we work with a number of organisations to help us provide technical and operational services such as installation and line repair.

Setting up Your Services

Once you have agreed to a service plan we will need to have a land line to connect the service to. You can either provide us with the current land line phone number at your residence or, if you do not have one or do not want to use the existing one, we will provide one for you.

Note – The technical term for these numbers is ‘CLI’ (Caller Line Identifier) and is provided via a PSTN - “Public Switched Telephone Network”.

If we have not provided the land line number for you it is very important to note the following:

  • You may have to pay a fee to the original provider of the number to move it to us. This fee is entirely your responsibility, and we cannot pay this for you.
  • If, for any reason, the number you provide to us is disconnected, terminated or changed you must notify us immediately. Letting us know in time, may let us fix it for free; if not, your services will be affected and you may incur additional charges to restore your service.
  • When requested, we will do everything we can to successfully transfer your existing number across to us. It is important to understand however, that there is always a chance that you could lose your number when joining or leaving any supplier. Origin Broadband cannot be considered liable or responsible for any inconvenience or losses that occur as a result of an involuntary number change.

Also during the set-up process, we will ask you for certain information in order to run a financial or credit check. In order to process your application, we will supply your personal information to credit reference agencies (CRAs) and they will give us information about you, such as about your financial history. We do this to assess creditworthiness and product suitability, check your identity, manage your account, trace and recover debts and prevent criminal activity. This is standard for all customers.

It may be necessary, after the financial check, for you to provide a non-interest bearing deposit or pre-payment on a case by case basis. If you pay a deposit to us, it will be held for a period of six months. If you fail to pay any bills on time, your deposit will be held for six months from the most recent time your bills were paid up to date.

We will also continue to exchange information about you with CRAs on an ongoing basis, including about your settled accounts and any debts not fully repaid on time. CRAs will share your information with other organisations. Your data will also be linked to the data of your spouse, any joint applicants or other financial associates.

All CRAs are required by law to adhere strictly to the principles set out within General Data Protection Regulations. The identities of the CRAs, and the ways in which they use and share personal information, are explained in more detail at:

If you fail to pay your bills on time, we reserve the right to pass information on this to credit reference agencies – and if an account is allowed to go into default (i.e. no reasonable effort has been made to pay for 60 days), then we may update the credit reference agencies of this. Updates on your credit report may remain for up to 6 years.

Direct Debit instructions will be set up to provide regular payments from you for our services. If you are unable or unwilling to set up a Direct Debit for payment we may be able to allow for alternative payment on a limited basis.

The next step will be scheduling the installation of your service. You will either receive a modem/router from us by delivery or, in cases where a home visit is necessary, the technician will usually bring a modem/router.

Important to know before installation:

  • You have the right to cancel without charge 14 days from the point of order, or up until one working day before any service with us goes live, whichever comes first. If you cancel your order after this point you will be charged.
  • You must make your residence available for the installation at the prearranged time. If you are unable to do so and do not cancel prior to the day you will be charged for the subsequent visit to install the modem/router.
  • You must have an electrical point within 1⁄2 metre from where the modem/router will be connected.
  • You must have enough room for the modem/router to be places where it will be safe from accidental damage (example – not on a narrow or high shelf from which it may fall and break).

Paying for Services

Billing can be complicated, and we want to do everything we can to keep things simple for our customers. With this in mind, we think it’s better for customers to pay bills by Direct Debit, and our best value deals are available to customers who sign up to this method of payment. If you can’t (or don't want to) set up a Direct Debit, the following non-standard payment methods may also be offered at our discretion:

  • Cheque
  • Recurring Credit/Debit card
  • Bank Transfer

Please note that Origin does not under any circumstances charge additional fees specifically for card payments, but if you pay by ANY non-standard methods (anything other than a direct debit), you may not have access to our best deals – which could be Direct Debit exclusives. When we take a payment from you, the amount will be allocated to a particular billing period. Your first payment (usually taken when you order a service from us) will be allocated to your first month with us. This means that your next payment be used to pay for your second month with us. We’ll commence billing from the date your service starts and will continue until your final bill.

There will often be a difference between the date that your service starts with us and the date that you choose to pay. For this reason, you may owe us for days over and above your monthly amount. These differences will be attached to your final bill with us, should you choose to leave. Call charges will be invoiced in arrears but call plans will be billed in advance.

If you decide to raise a complaint in line with our complaints code, you must continue to pay your bills on time unless we give you express verbal or written consent that you may cancel, reverse or otherwise withhold a payment. If we agree to issue a credit to your account, this would be applied to future or final bills with us.

All charges are inclusive of VAT (unless specifically stated).

Payment Options explained further

Direct Debit

We ask that you supply a bank account and sort code to allow us to set up a Direct Debit. We’ll also allow you to nominate a date every month for us to collect any outstanding amount. This is the most cost-effective way to pay your bills with us, as some deals may not be available if you can’t or won’t pay by direct debit.

Credit/Debit card payments

We may give you the option to supply us with credit or debit card information (none of which is stored on any of our systems). We may also allow you to nominate a preferred date for collection and on that date, we’ll request what is owed. We do not charge to take a payment by credit or debit card, but certain low-priced deals may not be available to you if you can’t pay by direct debit.

Please note, that to ensure your service is not interrupted and that you don’t fall behind with your bills, we may store a ‘token’ of your card details as a fall-back option if your primary payment method fails. So if you choose to pay by Direct Debit for example, and this payment fails for any reason, we may, at our discretion take payment from a card that you have used with us previously. Again, it is important to note that Origin does not store card details, and we instead use an authorisation token with your bank - which is much more secure. We use this process to help protect your data.

Bank Transfer

Bank Transfer Please discuss with a member of our team if you’d like to pay by bank transfer.

Paying in advance

We know that customers sometimes prefer to pay up front for services rather than pay monthly. With this in mind, you can pay the full term of your contract in one up-front payment at the start of your service, or on renewal. These types of offers are sometimes referred to as ‘supersavers’ or ‘up front’ deals. Pricing will be made clear before you go ahead with any offer that we make to you. To ensure that you have flexibility to order our entire range of services, we cannot include pre-payment options for the following:

  • Router charges (if applicable within the terms of section 3.2)
  • Package add-ons
  • Call charges
  • Engineer charges
  • Per-minute call rates

Once your contract is at the end of any minimum-term period, you’ll automatically move onto a monthly recurring bill at a different rate. If you don’t want to move onto a recurring monthly plan, please give us 30 days’ notice that you would like to either renew your contract on a new deal, or that you would like to cancel your service with us.

How could my pre-payment amount be fully used before my minimum term expired?

As an example, if you paid £200.00 for 12 months’ service in advance, this would be the equivalent of £16.66 per month. If however, you made calls or incurred other costs (such as an engineer fee or time related charges), you would need to pay these when they appear on your bill. If you failed to pay, we would deduct these charges from your pre-paid amount, and you may be required to make further payments to continue service to the end of your minimum term – even if you’ve pre-paid for a period of time. If you cancel after making a payment in advance for a period of time, you may not be issued with a refund for unused months, if you are subject to reasonable early cancellation fees (usually a smaller percentage of the monthly fees you would have paid if you had honoured your full contract with us).

Call charges and plans

When you sign up to one of our call packages, you agree to pay for your services at a specific rate. This rate is called the ‘usage charge’. Call charge rates are available at{' '} .

Your monthly usage charges are determined by the number of calls you make, and which numbers you call. They can also change now and again due to outside factors. This can include the VAT or RPI rates changing; they are included in your total usage charge.

Call plans normally include a fair use limit that is advised to you when you agree to take it. This is especially important when you have a mobile call plan as usually this will include minutes to mobiles, and we would not offer unlimited use to these types of numbers. At no time will Origin offer inclusive call plans to the following types of numbers or services:

Any fair use limit may be displayed or otherwise advised to you at the point of sale. If you aren’t clear on your individual fair usage or plan allocations, please let us know immediately and we’ll check this for you.

As a general rule, users within the top 0.2% of consumption may be considered in excess of reasonably fair use.

In addition, we may refuse, retract or restrict unlimited call plans for some users who use more inclusive minutes than a typical customer. Again, any call charges will be invoiced in arrears, but call plans will be billed in advance.

To offer a great deal to all of our customers, Origin Broadband offers a number of 'unlimited' call plans to various numbers. Examples may include unlimited 01, 02, and 03 numbers. Please note that while certain numbers are included within our plans at no extra cost, we would not include calls to adult lines, chat lines or XXX services within any type of limited or unlimited call allowance.

This list is not exhaustive. In addition, we may, at our discretion refuse, retract or restrict unlimited call plans for specific users who overwhelmingly use more inclusive minutes than other customers.

Any potential action to alter or withdraw a call plan would only apply to those within the top 0.2% of use.

You will be invoiced for telephone calls or any metered services in arrears. Line rental and monthly broadband fees will be charged in advance.

Price Changes

We may occasionally increase our rolling monthly contract rates. This is automatically applied to all customers on a rolling contract. If this increase is more than 10% over the previous months' service charge, you’ll be able to cancel the service with less than 31 days’ notice (i.e. any time in the 30 days after we notify you of the price increase).

What if you don’t pay your bill on time?

We hope you’ll never be in this position, but if you are, please get in touch so that we can support you in the best way possible. If your bill isn’t paid on time, we may issue you with a ‘notice of default sums’. This is in line with current consumer credit laws and helps us to recover the cost of managing a missed payment.

A notice of default sums is a notification that we would issue to you as our customer to state that you have not paid your bill on time (in line with your agreed payment date). The notice will explain what you as a customer need to do to resolve the situation, before you are in ‘full default’.

In this case, the first action we’ll take (after sending a notice of default and 14 days have passed) is to restrict your services until we’ve come to a resolution.

Full default can result in a marker on your credit file that will not be removed for six years. This can seriously affect your ability to obtain credit and may result in existing credit facilities being removed or changed.

When we do issue a default notice, a £12.00 charge will be added to your outstanding balance to cover the cost of issuing the notice. We may issue a default notice each month until you continue to pay on time or are in 'full default' (i.e. past the point of being likely to ever pay).

Each default notice will continue to add an additional £12.00 charge.

We also have the right to charge you interest on any overdue amount at a rate of 1.5% per-month pro-rata. We don’t ever want to do this, but we do have costs that need to be covered if a balance is overdue.

If we are unable to come to a resolution and no payment has been received in 30 days, we would usually then move to terminate your connection permanently and your account with us would be considered to be in full default. If we take this action, then all costs in relation to the full contractual term with us would apply. You would in effect be billed for every month of the contract that you signed with us. If this occurs, you manage to clear the debt and still wish your services to remain with Origin then a new contract would need to be taken out along with the credit reference checks required through the order process.

To summarise, our standard collection action will require you to pay outstanding amounts, and if you’ve failed to pay, the amount you’ll owe (including the outstanding amount) may include:

  • £12.00 fee for each notice of default sums
  • Compound interest of 1.5% per month
  • All expenses incurred by us during the collection process
  • All costs incurred by working with a third party to recover any outstanding debt (usually around 20% of any outstanding balance, but this could be higher).

If you don’t pay your bills on time, we’re required to notify credit reference agencies. This information may appear on your credit file and may be used by other companies when considering any future applications made with them. This information can remain on your credit file for six years.

When you signed up for services from us you agreed to a specific rate for the service called the "Usage Charge". The rate schedule for your service is available at{' '} .

This specific rate Usage Charge will be fixed for the duration of the minimum period that you have agreed to. The only variation will be if the VAT rates change as they are included in your total Usage Charge. For what happens after that period has expired, please see Section 9 of these Terms & Condiitions.

Unless you have obtained an exception from paying by Direct Debit, all payments will be paid by Direct Debit on or around the 1st (first) working day of the month.

All charges are inclusive of VAT (unless specifically stated).

If you do not pay your invoice on time we may issue you with a notice of default. This is in accordance with consumer credit laws.

If we do issue a default notice, there will be a £12 (twelve pounds) charge added to your outstanding balance to cover the cost of issuing the notice. We may issue a default notice each month until you are considered to be in 'full default' (i.e. not intending to pay at all). Each default notice will incur an additional £12 charge.

We also have the right to charge you interest on any overdue amount at a rate of 1.5% per month pro-rata.

What If You Do Not Pay at All?

If you have unpaid charges for more than 30 days we reserve the right to consider you in full default in which case the first action we may take after sending a notice of default is to terminate your services. You will not be able to access these services again until non-payment has been resolved. During this 30 day period, your broadband access will also be restricted.

We will then proceed with a standard collection action pursuant to law. In the event of collection action the amount you will owe will include the outstanding charges, compound interest of 1.5% per month, £12 fee for each default notice and all expenses incurred by us under the collection process.

Any amount you did not pay previously due to the promotional contract you signed up for *For example, if you signed up for a 2 year fixed term contract that had an initial period of service for free, you would then be liable for the Usage Charges for that period as they were only free if you completed the full 2 year term of the contract.

Your Responsibilities (Other Than Paying)

You will only use the services for personal, residential use and not for business use. Business use is governed under a different set of Terms & Conditions and is charged at different usage rates. (This is important to remember as it means amongst other variances we will never be liable for damages such as lost income and harm to business reputation under a residential contract service)

Only use store bought telephones on the service that state they are "BABT" approved. This is the UK standard for telephone equipment. Home-made telephones, modified telephones, telephones purchased or manufactured in other countries without approval and telephones not approved for standard telephone line use can cause serious damage to the phone lines and other equipment and you will be held liable for any costs associated with any damages if you disregard this request.

To protect the modem/router from becoming damaged due to mishandling, unsafe conditions or intentional interference.

Ensure anyone using the service complies with these terms and conditions and monitor any use that is not by you.

You will be liable for anything anyone does with your service that you knew or reasonably should have known about including incurring excess Usage Charges. This may include if your system is compromised and it is determined that you have taken insufficient or no steps to protect your system from being accessed. This includes having proper virus and anti–malware security and utilising Wi-Fi password protection.

Not to use or allow the use of the service in any way that violates the law, is improper or in a manner which would reasonably cause harm, upset or offence. (Some examples include cyber bullying, illegal pornography, inciting to violence or hacking).

Let us know immediately if there is a problem, so we have an opportunity to provide you with the best service possible.

Origin’s Responsibilities to You

We will work to provide you with a good level of service.

To make all reasonable efforts to resolve faults to the network or equipment used to provide the services as quickly as possible to minimise the effect of any disruption to services.

To limit any disruption or suspension of service caused by the need for regular maintenance and upgrades to the services or as directed or required to do by any governmental department.

To inform you with as much notice as possible when there will be any disruption or suspension of service.

To resolve any claims or disputes as fairly and efficiently as possible.

To take all measures reasonably necessary to protect any of your personal data that you provide to us and use such data only for the purposes necessary to provide the service including to run credit checks or to provide service support. We use and store data in compliance with the Data Protection Act.

To let you know, in writing, if we make any substantive changes to our Terms and Conditions or any other Agreements that affect your service, our responsibilities or yours during the term of your use of our services.

Most issues can be solved using the phone service but if your problem cannot be resolved over the phone we will arrange for a service visit as soon as possible.

If the issue is a result of a fault in our equipment or lines serviced by us or our partners (such as Openreach) and not due to any fault caused directly or indirectly by you then there will be no charge for the appointment.

(An exception to this will be if you are unavailable to give access to your residence to allow a repair during a pre-scheduled appointment time. Please try to make sure access can be granted, as we will incur charges that must be passed on to you).

If the issue is caused by a fault that is directly or indirectly caused by you then a service fee will be charged.

If the issue with the service is that you need to move to a new property, you will have the option to transfer your services to your new address. If a service visit to either your original or new location (or both) is required then a charge for each visit will be made. You will be notified of the charge prior to any service visit. Moving services to your new home will usually include some kind of one off cost.

If you are relocating to an area outside the Origin service area and are no longer going to be using our services, this will be classed as an early termination of this Agreement. Please see Section 9 below for details on what happens in the event of an early termination.

If you are an existing fibre broadband customer, and you move to an area where fibre is not available, we will continue your contract on another broadband product, we may reduce your monthly recurring cost if the product is charged at a lower price than your existing service. A one off move fee would usually still apply in this scenario.

When Your Service Is Cancelled or Terminated

When you signed up for our services you agreed to a minimum term (12, 18 or 24 months usually) and you are required to continue services for the minimum period.

If you decide voluntarily not to continue services until the end of your minimum period you will continue to be liable for monthly Usage Charges until the end of the minimum period unless:

Termination is due to Origin breaking this Agreement and failing to resolve after you have given written notice of breach and followed the disputes procedure.


In the event that you have received a discount offer (such as our 'Free Broadband for 12 months offer), you would then be liable for the discounted amount, in addition to the remaining equivalent cost of your contract term. You would also be required to return any router owned by Origin, or pay a £40.00 charge if you decide not to return the device, or cannot prove that the device was returned to us.


You receive an exception from Origin due to extraordinary circumstances, that excuse you from the remainder of this Agreement because they were beyond your control and the continued payment would constitute a Material Detriment to you.

After your initial term you will continue to receive the service at the current Usage Charge in force at that time unless you give us 30 days' notice to terminate service.

We may, from time to time, increase our Usage Charge and this is automatically applied to all non-fixed term customers. If this increase is more than 10% over the previous months' service charge you will be permitted to cancel the service, in writing, with less than 31 days notice (i.e. any time in the 30 days after we notify you of the price increase).

During a fixed term period we may terminate your services with 14 days' notice if you breach a material term of the agreement, such as not paying your invoice in a timely manner. The 14 days' notice gives you time to correct the breach so your services will not be disrupted.

We can terminate your services immediately and without notice if you use the services in violation of law or we are directed to do so by a government department.

If we breach a material term of this Agreement you may terminate our services after giving us 14 days notice of the breach. The 14 days allows us time to resolve the breach and avoid the need to cancel the service. Our goal is to keep you as a happy and loyal customer.

After the end of a fixed term contract we may terminate services by giving you 30 days notice although we hope this will never ever happen.

However our relationship comes to an end, we will need our modem/router back. So you will be required to return our modem/router to us within 14 days after termination/cancellation.

If you do not return our modem/router to us we will invoice you for each piece of equipment for the amount of £40.00 (including VAT). The modem/router will then become yours.

Cancellation – Your rights

As a Residential customer of Origin Broadband, you have the right to cancel without charge 14 days from the point of ordering our service, or until one working day before any service you order with us goes live, whichever comes first. If you cancel, you will be required to return any equipment to us, and we will reimburse any postage fees (to a maximum of £3.50).

After this point, you will be required to pay a charge to end your services with us, as Origin will incur a cost to cease your connection. If you would like to transfer your service to a new address, we will support you with this, but a reasonable move charge, and a new minimum term will apply.

Other Things You Need to Know

This Agreement is personal to you. That means you are not able to sell or transfer it to another person.

There are some things that are completely out of our control such as fires, floods, strikes, war, acts of God, cyber-attacks, terrorism, and Governmental action. When these unfortunate things happen we at Origin cannot be held liable for not being able to comply fully to the terms laid out here but we will always do our best not to allow anything to interfere delivery of a great service.

It may be necessary from time to time for us to make changes to our Terms and Conditions. We will notify you in writing if we make any substantive changes and there will be a 30 day period after the notice before the changes take effect. The changes will be available to view through the website.

If for any reason a part or parts of these Terms and Conditions are found to be invalid or unenforceable the rest of the document will remain fully enforceable.

If you need to send us a notice in writing regarding your service or this agreement it should be send registered post to insure it arrives. We cannot guarantee we received notice from you otherwise and that means the notice will not serve its purpose.

If we have to send you notice via post we will do so to the address you provided when the service was first set up unless you have given us formal notice of a change of address. Formal address is in writing send via registered post to ensure we receive the notice.

This and any other agreement between you and Origin Broadband will be governed by the Law of England and Wales. Any dispute that cannot be resolved short of legal action will be referred to the County Court nearest the location the service in dispute is being provided.

We take great pride in doing the best we can for each customer and want to help make our relationship with you as clear and straightforward as possible. As thousands of new people continue to join Origin every month, it's possible that sometimes, you may experience difficulties. We would ask for your understanding if this should happen – and we promise to take all reasonable measures to give you the best experience possible.

Finally, we'd like to say thank you for ordering with us. We believe in setting the standard in everything we do. Our rapidly growing customer base is allowing us to create high quality British jobs and thanks to you, we have a stronger voice to ask for a better standard and availability of broadband services for customers nationwide.

As we continue to grow, we will continue to find ways to improve the service we offer to you. It's very much appreciated, and we hope you enjoy your service with us.

Thank You