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  1. These Service Terms apply to customers who subscribe to OriginTV and are in addition to Origin's Terms and Conditions.
    1. OriginTV is a service We provide that is a selection of channels, add-ons, and on-demand content. The service also provides access to purchase or rent content through third-party services.
    2. As We act as a third-party reseller of OriginTV services, for You to order and use OriginTV You must agree to:
      1. the Netgem Platform terms and conditions that are available here who manage content on OriginTV; and
      2. any end user licence agreement provided with Our set-top box or by a third-party available on OriginTV.
    3. We provide the service through a set-top box. You may also pair this set-top box with the OriginTV app to deliver content on the go.
    4. Unless you are watching the service on the OriginTV app, You may only view the content at the address at which we provide the services to You and You must hold a valid UK TV license.
    5. You must not:
      1. Try to bypass any security measure that We or others have put in place as part of the services;
      2. Remove any proprietary notices from content;
      3. Redistribute or rebroadcast any content;
      4. Display any content in retail, business, or commercial premises; or
      5. Sub-License, transfer, or assign any content to any third-party.
    6. To be able to access all of OriginTV’s content, You will need an aerial and a TV that has a spare HDMI connection to plug Our set-top box in to.
    7. We are not responsible for Your TV aerial or Your TV’s compatibility with OriginTV.
    8. Your device must also be connected to the internet either by ethernet (recommended) or over WiFi. The OriginTV service requires a minimum available bandwidth of 5mbps and 4K content will require 25mbps.
    9. We are not responsible for any relationship between You and a third-party application or content provider on OriginTV. Disputes or issues should be directed to the appropriate application or content partner.
    10. We’ll include certain channels and content which are provided as part of your package within Your Order Confirmation.
    11. We may have to change or remove the channels and content available on OriginTV. If this is the case, we’ll try to replace them with something else which may be of interest to You. We will let You know in good time if this affects You. Any changes shall be in accordance with Clause 11 of our Terms and Conditions.
    12. We may block access to content if You:
      1. don’t pay for it; or
      2. Break these Standard Terms in some other way in relation to that content.
    13. We are unable to guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the electronic programme guide. It’s Your responsibility to check that the content being viewed is appropriate for viewers of the service.